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The weather has been improving in the Seattle area. The daytime temperatures have climbed into the mid 50s, which is perfect bicycling conditions, and precipitation has been minimal albeit a few surprises of downpour proportions. I find the new seat wonderful; it directly ameliorated my prostate problems -- no more pounding the delicate parts of my anatomy.

Meanwhile, I am building up muscle mass as I do my daily ride to Unimatrix One. The STP is not that far away, so I must maintain a constant training regimen.

The spam weather continues to deteriorate and I am thankful I have a spamcop account as the system catches the ever increasing tide of spam gets in its formidable filters. Every couple of days I perform the equivalent of cleaning out the kitchen sink trap; I sift through the detritus and gunk to make sure nothing important or relevant has been caught in the trap, and then I toss the rest into the compost bin, though this bin feeds the black holes and ICE.

This map is interesting. One can see the inexorable increase in spam across the year, and the viral/worm assault campaigns are visible as tall spikes.


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