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Quiet wanderings

An email from livejournal, the company, wanting me to take a survey. Its questions slanted toward FaceBook style social networking. Interesting. Why? Then too I wonder why, when I tried Sgrouples (which named its name to MeWe), did that not take off. That site offers strong privacy protection, a feature I like very much. There was a burst of interest, then it all died back. Where did the people go? My guess is FaceBook and Twitter.

Meanwhile, I have wrapped up most of my activities in InWorldz, the vrtual worlds company, and am involved in High Fidelity. HF is a next generation virtual world startup creating a virtual world platform, mostly open source based, that lets others create virtual worlds (yes, it is a bit meta). They stress low latency and high quality facial expression and hand gesture captures that are then transferred and shifted to the avatar. The result is a compelling interaction because for once multiple modalities of communication are opened up.

It is exciting to be surfing the digital waves again.

Be well, all!


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