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Happy Holidaze - a wonderful sauce

Hello friends whom I've not communited with for many months - Nay, I've not fallen of a cliff, rather, a bit of too much work at the Collective, and a falling inworld has takenmy spare time, hence I write a bit trady in wishing everyone the best these holidays have to offer, whether crhistmas, yule, those odd boxing days or just plain gatherings with friends and family to share oneself with each other.

A lot has happened so I'll separate things with different postings.

What caught my attention was Simon's predictions, notably the bandwidth explosion. Exabyte of data, the sum of human knowlege since 2007 trasmitted hourly... No, the bandwith explosion will be filled by that old, popular and profitable porn industry. I hear teledildonics is doing well and it seems it requires a lot of bandwidth for the new generation of tele-delictus devices.



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