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Faerie Led at Faerie Worlds

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OMS  (oh my stars) but am I sore this morning from the hours upon hours of dancing to great ground pounding, wing flitting, trance inducing music, having danced with the faeries this past weekend. Perhaps it was the SL faerie dances I've gone to, and, having read about Jez's (kightp) decision to go to Faerie Worlds that, along with my desire to go, was little push that motivated me to drive for five hours down to Secret House.winery where convocation took place. Cute faeries everywhere, from the wee ones (oh soo cuuute) to the fresh and brash and gothtie urban ones, to the faerie queens, and to the ancient ones. All were radiant, all were beautiful, all were having a wonderful time.

I came as a traveling dancing elf which blended quite nicely. We're cousins, so the Fae were nicely accomodating - no terrible pranks. I took few photos since all I had was my cameraphone but Jez and (saoba) had their serious soulcatchers with them, so we should be in for a good treat as I believe between them they must have taken over 6000 photos.

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On October 7th, 2007 01:16 pm (UTC), wcg commented:
Happy birthday Rene!
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