Elimloth (elimloth) wrote,

hot, hot, blackberry summer

It has been quite warm in these Seattle lands, 84F in Kirkland, and the plants are complaining - I just finish drenching all the potted plants and shrubs for the third day in a row to keep them from withering. On the other hand, the ground rooted plants are doing fine since there is plenty of water below. That does mean the blackberry vines are in takeover mode. Perhaps tonight, since we have decent daylight until almost 10PM, I will go out and thin out the most egregious vines and tangles.

 It is hotter in Redmond and with a bunch of nearby offices being converted into a lab, the air conditioning is not quite up to snuff, hence quite warm inside; dare I wear my kilt in to work? I think not - too many pranksters are around to flip it up. Tech boys can be quite immature when they see things socially off the mean.

I now have two kilts: the Utilikilt in tan and a Freedom Kilt in charcoal. I bought the Freedom Kilt in Victoria and it was  custom made, sized for me, so it wears extremely well. Since it is cut in a traditional Scottish kilt style with the flat unpleated apron, I usually wear the modern equivakent of a sporran: an REI  waist pack. Kilts are also the best way to travel on airlines for many reasons, notably staying cool in those now too crowded airplanes and it seems to ease my way throuogh the security lines (no they don't have mirrors on the floor).

Missing Selene - she's down in San Diego teaching and participating in a workshop. Then she's off to Kripalu for another couple of weeks, thus it's me and the two cats.

SL has kept me quite occupied with its bardic circles, amazing dances and aesthetic construction classes. Now this is proving to be a good thing because it makes me write thoughtful prose and deliver it at least once a week. And now I am wending through the time consuming modeling and scripting phase to build an inventory of tools and subassemblies for my creations. This, I hope, will lead to artistic products which people will flock to and buy thus offsetting the cost of living there.

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