Elimloth (elimloth) wrote,

Warm Daze

Summer finally arrived in Seattle - well it did about a week ago with temps well above average and rainfall well below - and yet it is nice to have blue skies above and not a knotted mess of grey scudding northward to converge upon an equal mess of grey somewhere over Everett. The plants are not happy about this situation; though they like those photons, they thirst for water, and I haven't been keeping up with their watering as I have been distracted.

I am not riding the STP (Seattle to Portland) event this year. That month long vacation, wonderfully though it was, knocked off about six weeks of training. I waited signing up because I was no certain I was in shape for it, and though I fared reasonably well in the Flying Wheels Summer Century that wait before registering was sufficiently long enough that the STP was full. I suppose I can shop around for a ticket - people often cancel, but this year I'll try some other double century bike ride: perhaps the RSVP (Ride from Seattle to Vancouver and Party).

The cats have been literally having a field day. I let them out in the morning and they in turn bring in their little live mole toys from outside. How cruel they can be bringing up the little tykes onto the upper deck and then watch with semi-interest, from inside the house, looking out the glass panes as the moles run around with desperation trying to find an escape route. And this brings me to my distraction - having had the luxury of working from home, I attend to writing papers on esoteric virtualization optimizations while two moles manage to 'escape' into the house behind me. Cute though they are, their tiny bladders void with fear as Beren and Fariell each home in on them. That's when I notice. Beren grabs one and  takes him downstairs, and as I run after him, I realize he's been doing this for several days. There in a neat little pile in the closet next to my clothes (and thankfully not on top of them)  lie the dessicated remains of several moles. It's been a bumper season for my feline hunters. Thankfully, they've stopped going after the birds, but I have a cleanup job ahead of me.


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