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Me and My Avatar 2 and other things too

I had to wait to be certain I was ready (cardio-wise) for the STP, and now I've lerned it has sold out! Moof! Oh well, perhaps that was for the better; even though I have been training up quickly, I could end up seriously bonked given my abbreviated training schedule.

Selene and I went down to our place in Santa Cruz this past weekend to host a Soul Collage workshop. As usual, I had a number of maintenance chores to do, mostly mowing the lawn and surrounding areas, but everything was mostly in order. The best news is that despite the extreme high energy usage that occurs during a workshop - what with electric water urns, coffee makers, electric oven and dish washer going, the house did not have to switch on the backup generator! Hurray, we have sufficient battery capacity, finally.

I love these workshhops because we play our favorite music while we prepare the food. It ranges from ambient, to funk, to choral.

Meanwhile, the fixed wireles network is also humming along now that our node has been upgraded. It isrunning at 100 megabits in the wireless trunk beams with us getting 6 megabits symmetric. Quite respectable speed, and capable of running the SL client perfectly.

The last time I posted about SL, I was a rank newbie, so my avatar was a little rough and simplistic. Since then, I've added more detail, picked up much better clothing, and went elven. So this is the latest comparison. Balpien is taller. I am 6'0" while Bal is 6'7". Avatars tend to be very tall in SL and it is mostly because people (including myself) do not realize that choosing 90% height places the avatar nearly seven feet. I need to adjust his size to something within the 90%-tile.

Balpien and Rene

Balpien and Rene

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