Elimloth (elimloth) wrote,

Return to bicycling and more

FL: OMG, am I sore from this weekend's ride! That month long vacation Selene and I took, although wonderful and relaxing, left me with less cardio-vascular stamina. I started riding last week by going to the office and back. It was OK, though I'd get winded sooner, especially up the hills. Today I rode from Kirkland around the lower part of Lake Washington and then across the I-90 bridge, about 40 miles in total. Though I made it fine, albeit slower and more winded, I find myself quite sore this late evening. Tomorrow morning might prove 'interesting', :-). 

SL: I bought land several days ago, a blank slate of a hillside with splendid views of the virtual ocean to the west and not so pleasing views of a skyscraper to the south. There are no building codes in SL, so residential areas are freely intermixed with commercial real estate. There are, however, very tall trees, so I occluded the building with a bunch of giant blue spruces and then planted firs and other shorter trees in front of them. It's quite nice. I finished building a translucent foot bridge between Rowan and Kurt's land, added water beneath it along with water loving plants. It's my first attempt at prim building, so I need to clean up the rough spots - in time it will get better. Kat (my new friend in SL) called, so I showed her the grounds, introduced her to Rosmairta and Scarlotti. Later on she and I went dancing at heartland - it's pure country music, line dancing and much fun. 

Now off to sleep.

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