Elimloth (elimloth) wrote,

A Second Life Gallery

Returning from my first life holiday, I had some time to go inworld and work on my avatar. I have a brief photo history of my time in SL here. It is interesting to view the skin changes starting with the default one given to a newcomer, then some heavier customization, and then getting higher quality skin. All this is using free skins so far, though the purchased skins are even better quality. Compare my first avatar...

 versus my latest one in the thumbnail above.

Photos and details within this cut line

My first avatar was based on the default skin given to newcomers to Second Life. I chose the Haruguy form and then made minor customizations to it.


My next change was to further customize on the Haruguy form but add more definition and sculpted features to give it more age. I also change the hair to be more like mine, albeit idealized.

There are limits to the default skin, so I rummaged a bit in the free stores looking for something better. This one is much better. I also added some bulk to move it closer to my RL proportions.

Finally, here I am dancing with a lovely person I met recently.

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