Elimloth (elimloth) wrote,

A Month Long Holiday

Well, my bags are not packed yet, but they soon will be with several changes of clothing, HABA, and other travel goodies to carry me through a much needed month long holiday; Selene and I will be heading out to SEATAC Sunday crack'o'dawn to Madrid Spain for almost a week to visit her sister and growing family. After that we fly to Torino Italy to se the temple at Damanhur and then spend two weeks working our way across Tuscany to Venicia, Florencia, (many stops along the way) ending at Pisa. After that we fly back for a one week whirlwind visiting family: New York for a wedding, Puerto Rico to visit my dad, Detroit to visit Mom and rest of family. We have our inexpensive GSM phone,have a SIM/TIM card for Italy. Viaggiamo avanti!

Meanwhile, stopped the mail and newspaper delivery, arranged cat sitting for Beren and Fariell (who we hope will remember us after we return), photocopy a bunch of documents, deal with many details... Time to sleeep now...

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