Elimloth (elimloth) wrote,

A First Life Weekend

Well, it was either go inworld and travel the regions, perhaps stop off at Renaissance Island, or, go outworld an enjoy the fabulously sunny weekend in the Seattle area. Sun and warmth being a rare and precious experience this time of year, compelled me to go a-sojourning. On Saturday, Selene and I took a walk through the Mercer Slough just south of Bellevue. The lovely walk went through the swamps atop a winding planked boardwalk which led us through intensely green and fragrant plants, brilliant Fuschias and the weirdest variant of horsetails I've ever seen. We also circumnavigated a working blueberry farm, the plantings living off of the rich peat soil. That was a great day capped by watching a few episodes of Monarch of the Glen.

Sunday I went riding on my bicycle, this time going widdershins from Kirkland east to Redmond then north on the Sammamish trail to Bothell, heading west across the top of the lake, stopping at Log Boom park for a break and snack. Then I rode south to Seattle, stopping off at Gas Works Park for my second break and snack. On my way out I met my friend, Rebecca, who is part of our vocal improv singing group. She too was cycling, albeit just around her neighborhood. Continuing south (and up the moderate Lake Washington Drive), I was shadow tailed by another cyclist who was impressed by my speed going up the grade on "just a hybrid." Feh! "Gosh why don't you buy a road bike?" said he. Well, this just got me to speed up a lot, though I was impressed he kept up too. We eventually got into a friendly banter and we rode most of the way together, exchanging the lead position to share the wind load. Having a pace line partner is wonderful because the person or people behind the lead rider get a 30% reduction in effort. We rode up to I-90, then blasted east across the bridge. Steve lives on Mercer Island so we departed ways at that point; I continued east to I-405 then north through Bellevue and up a steep series of hills back to Kirkland.

Much later that evening I popped inworld to practice making a translucent bridge in preparation for a walkway to join the lands of Falkenrath and  Talad Thiad. While practicing twisting things, I received an invite to join Pipp, my earlier friendly encounter. Well, he brought in another fella, Viper, who looked all tough and tatted, and he then proceeded to hand out weaponry. The machine gun worked very well, and Viper's plasma gun did a bunch of damage (all on their lands, mind you), but when he said shoot the dog, I reached my limit. Surprisingly, so did Viper - the dog lived, and we all learned innocents must never be killed. Ah the color - There's room for all sorts of folks in SL. I bid my farewell and teleported away before leaving the world.


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