Elimloth (elimloth) wrote,

Almost a second life

Balpien Hammerer stares intently into the interstices leading to the second world wondering how he can traverse in-world. The gateway is closed to him because his vista field generator resonates disharmoniously with the Second Life transverser. No joy.

The frelling Dell video driver is not compatible with Vista. It looks like the OpenGL implementation of the 'Vista' Dell  Radeon x300 driver is broken and it crashes the Second Life app. Most annoying.

And here I thought I'd exit this grey day temporarily into a second life. Ah well, at least these things have a way to remedy themselves; that is, after my failed attempts, the rain ceased and the sun came out, so Selene and I went out with the cats for some strongly needed cabin fever alleviation. It was a lovely walk arouond the grounds. Though not taken today, this is the sort of activity our boy cat likes to do. He likes taking the high point. And, the hexaflake, well, that has nothing to do with the walk; it's something shiny I saw through my kaleidoscope.

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