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Bonnie Day to Soft evening

It was a lovely sunny day in the Seattle area and I would have ridden the bike but for a 9AM meeting. Also, Selene and I had to be at the airport by 4:30PM, so I needed to get home quickly. Anyway, I donned my grey-green long sleeved top and utilikilt (it's so comfy), and Selene and I drove tothe airport to catch a flight to San Jose. Aside from several people eyeing me with odd looks, I did snare a nice looking woman who ask if my outfit was a utilikilt. She'd only seen them on WEB sites, and, having given me a thorough top to bottom aprising look, told me "it looked really great", and then she gave me a parting gorgeous smile and wink. Oo la la!. Well, I must say it is one of the most comfy outfits to wear while stuck on a fully loaded plane.

We arrived at Skyote after 9PM; it is raining in the mountains. I also noticed two of the front downspouts are clogged; I have to attend to them tomorrow morning. Otherwise, all else looks well.

Meanwhile, we've finished watching the entire Farscape series. It makes so much sense now having watched them in order. When we return we have "The Peacekeeper wars" to watch.


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