Elimloth (elimloth) wrote,

Back in Kirkland

First, Skyote was great. I ran through the usual diagnostics, checked the batteries, checked the generator's oil level, retightened the flex pipe onto  the exhaust pipe, swept the dust off the genset floor, dug a new compost pit next to the previous now-full one - this will make nice and rich topsoil for the garden next year. I walked road and cleared all thestorm drains. They were covered but by only a thin layer of debris, which would have washed clean in a good storm. I also walked the northern loop, a dirt fire road that winds around the mountain and back to the house. The water bars needed some maintenance, so I rechanneled them. In one section, I had to unsnag the telephone cable from a few downed trees. Another larger tree blocked the road further up, but the nicely sharpened chainsaw quickly cut up the tree into fireplace sized logs. The french broom is everywhere. It looks like I need to assemble a work party to pull it all up soon. This is a great time to do it with the wet and soft soils making it esy to uproot them by hand.

I had one clogged gutter which I will attend to in a couple of weeks when I return. Meanwhile i need hire a tree crew to top a few of the close-in trees that have grown tall enough to shade the photovoltaic panels.

Now, Kirkland maintenance is in store. I have to go get parts to seal the garage door - too much cold air is seeping underneath it. The downstairs toilet is rocking a bit, so I have a new seal but I suspect I'll have to do a bit of floor repair too.

Life continues.


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