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This has been a long day, much to do at the office, cranking up the performance of this new product but the crank is a little sticky, the rachets a bit stubborn. So goes the creation of real-time software. This is my second day of riding in January. The temps were in mid 40s (4.5C) and with clear skies, the sun carressed my cycling second skin, sending its warmth into my core. I would have done this sooner but the roads are a mess with much sand scattered still throughout, making bicycle riding and motorcycle riding somewhat treacherous. By now the automobiles haves swept most of the sand aside, unfortunately into the bike lanes, so I ride the white stripe - the drivers in the area understand, thankfully.

The light is returning and along with the riding, my mild depression, probably SAD related, is lifting. Thursday I'll head to Skyote to meet up with Selene. We'rre running a workshp that weekend and I'll have time to perform some maintenance: check the standby generator's oil levels, check the fan belt, inspect the photovoltaic panels and batteries, maybe even start up the hot tub if the sun is sufficient. I wonder if Simon and Mary are still about in the area?

I watched the entire jewel of a series, Firefly, along with the movie, Serenity. Hope from Despair. Life moves on, and we continue.

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