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Still Cold

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 I have to wonder what is going on to have created two record lows both in Kirkland and Scotts Valley; I suppose this is just a good example of a nearly north/south jet stream carrying an arctic blast to the lower lattitudes. Nonetheless, the roads are still sheer ice, and though the arterials are mostly cleared, all side roads remain treacherous.

Though heat pumps are efficient units, they do have their limits in their ability to extract heat. At this low temperature of 23F (minus 5C), there just isn't much heat left to pull using freon, so this morning the house temperatures are being lifted with resistance heat (electric fire). I see the Santa Cruz Mountains are also in a freeze. I have experienced one or two 30F days, so this 25-28F is also a record. There, the propane backup hydronic system will warm the floors to make that place cozy for the housemate. It's a sunny morning down there so the solar rays will elevate the temps to the mid 70s inside.

Back in Kirkland with its high grey cover and sun dappled Olympics almost 200 miles west, I hear the signs of sirens, probably another ice and unskilled human driver related traffic accident. This should be fun as I have to drive Selene to the airport this afternoon. She will be somewhere in Geyserville teaching a workshop and then in Skyote hosting another workshop.

The days are getting longer again. I really can use the extra daylight right now.
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On January 16th, 2007 06:45 am (UTC), spiritmoving commented:
Up here in Geyserville it was also ridiculously cold. I heard that the pipes broke before I got here, and that everyone was basically huddling together for warmth. It's better now, though still cold. Looks like a low of 30 degrees F tonight, in the 50's tomorrow.
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