Elimloth (elimloth) wrote,

Still Cold and Icy

Despite 29F temps, the sun managed to warm up the snow enough to turn it into water on the roads. As the sun departed from those roads, the water turned to ice. This will be lots of fun tomorrow and I wonder how many 4WD SUVs will find themselves clumped in ravines and low spots on our hilly roads.

Ah well, today I stayed home and found time to take the cats out for their snow experience. They have seen snow only once before but it did not last very long nor deep enough to be 'interesting'. Beren is a happy-go-lucky fella so he just bounded through the 6 inch to foot deep powder with wild abandon. Fariell, the thinker, was none too pleased watching her feet sink into the white menace all the way to her shoulders. She moved through it carefully and with disdain towards me for having to go out. I thought about throwing a snowball at her but decided not to; cats understand revenge all too well.

It's back to work, documents to review, designs to fix, virtual machines to go faster...

Beren Tries to Understand Snow

Looking at my home, icy driveway, snow covered land and roof overlooking Seattle.


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