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Pedin · Guren

After the Windstorm a Tree Falls

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After the windstorm a tree falls, well, actually, many trees fall but all it takes is one well aimed topple and a road gets blocked, as happened on my driveway today; a medium size redwood with a trunk about one foot in diameter wedged itself across the hairpin curve, which having a nearly vertical face, made cutting it down quite difficult. I am glad the chainsaw was recently sharpened as I needed to cut off the myriad lesser branches that were helping to keep it wedged there. It took about a half an hour to cut it into small sections that I could then drag or carry to the side of the road. The tricky part was make the main trunk cuts without having the chain wedge itself as the trunk bends under its own weight. Then too, I had t be careful to avoid the rest of the tree, whose roots were snagged on another smaller tree, from dropping onto me.

After that ordeal, I had to broom sweep the entire road again. It was heavily littered by branches and leaves making the road nearly indistinguishable from the forest floor. I am a bit sore from all that physical activity but I'll recover by tomorrow for my next project, maintaining the water-bars on the north loop dirt road. An elf's forest duties never end.

The power was restored to the area this evening - a two day outage.
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