Elimloth (elimloth) wrote,

Happy Solstice - Merry Christmas

This was delightful day in the Santa Cruz Mountains, much warmer and brighter than yesterday's cover to cover cloud deck that settled into the Seattle area. Selene and I arrived last night in San Jose. According to the pilot, NORAD sighted Santa around Juneau Alaska but he was certain we'd beat him to San Jose, which we did! This morning was brunch with Robin and Jenny at our place with a small gift exchange and just hanging out. I went outside to trim the huge lavender bush, now five feet high, that was starting to grow over the front walkway. I had to stroke the bees auras  which kept them calm as I trimmed back the bush. I love it when they hum in unison with a few of them gently flying around me to develop a 3D visual image in their tiny minds. I had to also trim another lavender bush that was brushing p against the house, then tamp down the gopher activity around it. LIkewise the Salvia plant needed a little trim care too. I place the lavender cuttings in a basket and brought it indoor to scent the place - quite lovely. Jenny and robin left in the early afternoon and that gave me a little time to straighten anther plant the gophers had attacked. It was sickly but alive and leaning over, so I repacked the earth around to straighten it. It should do better now.

Craig and and his son Dillon arrive around 3PM so we spent the entire afternoon and evening with them. We hadn't seen Dillon since he was a kid and now he's grown up to be an amazing teenager, sharp and witty with a kind soul.

Tomorrow we expect Rebecca and her friend to arrive early in the morning. Later on it is maintenance chores: clean up the mouse droppings in the yurt, find out how the little tyke got in and seal that, minor generator tuneup (oil, dust wipedown, check belt tension, etc.), and try to finish the power inverter monitoring program. I had hoped to do that with the linux based LinkSys but now that is has been replace with a WindRiver unit  it looks like I'll have to use my old Windows XP laptop.

Merry Christmas all. Happy Solstice and bright stars. May the Goddess bless one and all.


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