Elimloth (elimloth) wrote,

Preparing for a Santa Cruz end of year

Selene and I are cleaning up the place in preparation for our cat sitters, and, we hope, for John and Pat whom we thought we were to meet today. Since we leave tomorrow, I guess we're not destined to meet them in realspace. Oh well.

Meanwhile, the days (if you can call the general brightening of the cloud layer such a thing) are getting longer again and that brings hope. Hope comes as as 12 hour a capella singing event called Singing For Your Life, and visiting friends in the SF bay area. Hope means not finding trees strewn across the mountain driveway that leads to our place in Santa Cruz, though that kind of calamity has a higher chance of happening in late Janurary or February than in December.

Hope means not finding something major to repair when we arrive at Skyote house. Our last visit in thanksgiving was splendid until one of the dishwasher spray wands stopped working. that led to this:

I suppose this is far better than the time I had to repair the generator and remove the bits and pieces of rat that jammed the cooling fan belt, so I count my blessings. Thinking of blessings, I have been so happy to have mostly limited my automobile driving to December and January. Even so, I managed to get in some bicycle riding in a good deal of December despite the snowstorms, windstorms, and heavy rains. Anyone who lives in the greater Puget Sound / Grey Havens area does not let a light or moderate rain deter them from a good outdoor experience. That is the blessed purpose of Goretex(tm) and other moisture passing fabrics. Here, I've returned from the office bearing a fine coat of water and road grit.

And finally, when stuck indoors, there is always some time to play with the cats who demand, as part of their companionship contract, ample time for vigorous stalk and chase games, such as 'bird'. Now these latest toys which use real feathers have been a major hit. Unfortunately, these cats play rough so from time to time the toy gets broken and must be fix on the spot. Here Beren and Fariell supervise my repair activities.

And finally, beautiful Solstice, looking southwest toward the Olympic range in their purple mountain majesty, the sun having dipped below the cloud deck gives us a breif and precious golden evening then sweeps the solar rainbow toward violet hues, winks goodnight.


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