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I wonder

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I wonder, if I logged into all my neighbors' linksys boxes, all with 'admin' as the password and 'linksys' as the SSID, and if I changed them to operate on different channels to fix the neighborhood spectrum congestion, would that label me a terrorist under the computer crimes and antiterrorism act? Could I be disappeared by the U.S. government for this 'heinous' act? This is hypothetically speaking, of course.
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On December 21st, 2006 08:26 pm (UTC), elimloth commented:
However, this might be a decent excuse to either talk with them one-on-one or put a flyer together with simple instructions on how they can switch the channel on their router themselves.

Yes, and I'd tell them how to set passwords too. Now here's a commons question, since the spectrum used by 802.11a...z is commons. What if a number of these folks refused to change their channels or chose overlapping channels that made things much worse for all of us (remember 802.11g burns three .11b channels).
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