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Casualty (part 2)

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I repackaged the Linksys router and returned it to Fry's, told them the wireless part didn't work. Since I wanted a replacement, it was an easy (though long) process. Sadly, this time it turned out to be a WRT54Gv6 wind-river thingy. Oh well. I set it up and it worked, that is until I tried to use PPTP to connect to the office - no go. Crap! The linksys site had a newer firmware upgrade which fixed that problem, but I have to wonder what else is broken with this port/rewrite of their software.
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On December 20th, 2006 11:49 am (UTC), sbisson commented:
Linksys' non-Linux firmware has always been broken with regards to the MS implementation of PPTP VPNs. It had a tendency to fragment the packets badly, meaning connections would fail.

Still, good to hear they've finally fixed it!
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