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I knew the power outage and accompanying power surges could do some damage. During the storm the lights flickered a few times. In one sag, the LCD TV went weird, so we turned it off. It survived. The LinkSys router, however, did not. Today Selene lost connectivity and the computer no longer could locate EmeraldWeb, the name of our wireless router. Fortunately, many of the neighbors have been buying themselves xmas presents, so she had the option of several other access points. When I got home I inspected the router and picked up the unmistakable odor of burnt electronics. I tried to diagnose the problem but it looks like a surge punched through the power brick and took out a lot of the silicon logic. The router is toast.

We ran off to Fry's and picked up another one. The previous one was a WRT54Gv1 and the new one is a WRT54Gv3.1 (still capable of running the open source linux extensions without too much trouble). Unfortunately, when I plugged it in and set it up, I couldn't find it via wireless. Connecting to it by way of ethernet worked; it even passed through to the cable modem, but wireless simply does not work. Frelling thing is broken, so it's another trip to Fry's tomorrow to get it swapped.

Meanwhile, many people are *still* without power and it is getting mighty cold up here.


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