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Pedin · Guren

Burnout or just done?

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I have been a member of the elfling group (Elvish Linguistics) for over for years, and a moderator of the group for four years. In practice, I've been the sole moderator of that group for about all that time. It has been an interesting time as I've watched the flames rise, fall, then return on a predictable schedule. I've turned back massive tides of spam duringthat time, dealt with off topic posting attempts (and the equally vitriolic responses to rejections). Sadly, over those years, I've seen not much movement in these constructed languages; IP issues pretty much have prevented much more than sterile analysis (truly important) but that's about it. So, I think I am done there, at least the moderating part.

My temperment:
drained drained
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On December 15th, 2006 11:19 am (UTC), marypcb commented:
cats down give up! they either pretend or get devious in an 'oh look I'm being devious' kind of way ;-)
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