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Riding again and a Question

Ugh, I rode to the office today, the first time in three weeks, and I can tell that interval was enough time to lose a substantial portion of my cardio fitness. The cloak proved too bulky to carry - miss it. However, the cold temps were OK; I seem to be able to shrug off the cold climes, but oh my, I am sore tonight.

It's nice to have bright LED lights to alert the automobile drivers. Stress, cellphones, and cars just do not mix well.

The weather looks good all the way to Friday! Yay!

I have a question for my fancy cellphone laden friends. My LG6000 has a fairly lousy camera. It tries very hard but 0.3 megapixels just is not enough, and the color balance is totally weird; I discovered it passes through infrared which accounts for some odd  shading. I am considering getting a Motorola Q, mainly because Verizon offers it and though I despise that company's billing practices, they do have excellent coverage in the places I frequent. Besides, I can get a hefty discount through Microsoft. So, my question is, if you have it, does it work well enough as a standby camera? I assume it works OK as a phone, and syncronizing to Outlook would be a nice luxury. Comments please...


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