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This was a visually splendid day gracing us with bright blue skies and crystal clear views of the snow draped Olympics, though sadly, the temps were too low for a comfortable (or safe) bike ride. Instead I decided to take the cats out for a long walk around the grounds. We all have been experiencing cabin fever, having been cooped up through the ice storms, so I wasn't surprised by how fast they bolted to the front door amidst 'mreows' of delight when I said "Let's go OUT!"

Donning sweatshirt and cords, I took them for their walk, up the grassy hill. They were in great form, racing across the greens and diving into the bushes to stalk and terrorize the moles; both of them were climbing all the trees chasing squirrels and going after the scrub jays (with no possibility of a catch - jays are too smart). A half an hour later we all headed back to the house, Beren following me along the greenway while Fariell insisted on walking along the edge of the road and clear pathways to keep her dainty paws clean.


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