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It is cold tonight, 24F in Kirkland and roads turned into sheer ice. Tomorrow will continue to be below freezing, so the morning commute will be a total fender bending mess. I know if I were to attempt a drive down the steep driveway from my house that the car would simply slide sideways despite the all wheel drive. The afterrnoon and evening forecast is for lots of snow, up to six inches, so I think I'll just stay home.

The heat pump is doing well, and it is managing to extract heat from the cold air keeping the inside 68-70F. I have not seen the 'emergency' resistance heating kick on, which is very good since that would be terribly expensive.

Both cats are curled around me, purring; I feel content.

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On December 2nd, 2006 06:01 am (UTC), spiritmoving commented:
Wish I was there curled around you purring, too! Though I have to admit I am glad to be missing all that cold. It was quite pleasant here today.
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