Elimloth (elimloth) wrote,

Rain and other things

Semirandom thoughts:

Rain, again. I drove in to the office since it was raining moderately, and I do not like riding the bicycle on slick roadways which increases the chance of a bad slip, or worse, piling into a car. Besides, I needed to get gas since I'm heading to the airport Thursday to fly to Santa Cruz. A bit of house maintenance awaits. Well, the good thing is the new batteries are working much better, and that's keeping the generator off.

I managed to find a parking spot in the underground parking; clearly this was a minor miracle. Squat, the god of parking spaces, was kind to me, as these spots are rarely available. I headed up by way of the elevator, and I noticed something disturbing: several large machine screws were littering the elevator's carpeting along two of the walls.A little sleuthing, while the piston and oil elevator (or lift) oozed its way upward, revealed the machine screws seem to have been holding the wall rails. A slight tug on them proved the point; they were barely attached to the walls. Now I wonder how long it will take before maintenance crews notice?

Otherwise, it was a frustrating day. I have to convince a bunch of developers to signficantly increase the performance of their components but they rather just be code complete first. More frustrating is an general lack of concern how their components affect others in the project. The strong schedule pressure makes people lose sight of the big picture, communitarianism gets chucked out. Ah well, time and time, slip ship or ship... 

A murder of crows followed me for a short distance a few days ago. I've seen them before as I travel through their territory, and I am no longer treated to a sentinel's cries of alarm. I'm not in their tribe but being tolerated is a nice recognition on their part - no longer a stranger to them.

I am finding myself getting seriously intolerant of fundies. When I read about kids being taught to be christian soliders, to be combative (literally) to unbelievers, I have to wonder about the dangerous internal strife we are heading into. But then it is another echo of the past. I was watching a PBS forensic show about the James town settlement of 1609 and how it looks like the protestant settlers were possibly poisoned with arsenic most likely by catholics amidst their ranks. The politics of religion at that time was quite intense, and poisoning was a common practice in those times.

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