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The hot spots and close encounters of the coli kind

These are the suspect counties in California, as of the 22nd. Not much more has been reported other than the sick count. It must be tough trying to locate the specific source when it probably was a spot problem, else the sick counts would be far higher given the national distribution of the spinach grown in the area.

Last week Selene and I served and ate a wonderful spinach salad made from "Happy Boy" farms in Santa Cruz, and this week Selene made an Indonesian dish of tofu, spinach, and peanut sauce. The spinach was from "Willy's Greens" local Washington produce. It was most yummy.

On a related note, my mom got out of the hospital a few days ago having been there for 7 days. A few weeks ago, my sister called telling me to call mom to find what was going on. The best I could get out of dear mom was that she was dehydrated and feeling bad. I urged her to get a doctor's apointment. Mom hates to involve her children "It's OK, it's nothing really, just lost some weight", etc. She didn't disclose the diarrhea to me and because she has a touch of colitis, the docs missed a proper early diagnosis. She may have been one of the first people to have gotten ill from the tainted spinach. She was on a 7 day course of IV antibiotics while in the hospital. Fortunately, her kidneys did not shut down, she did not end up with HUS, and now she's on home monitoring and another month long course of antibiotics. Grrr!


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