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I lifted almost 2000 pounds today, 160 pounds at a time, and I feel sorry for the battery delivery guys for they moved 3200 pounds (80 pounds at a time) up and down the 10 foot patio stairs. I got up this morning at 8AM and started the disassembly operation, having  to remove all of the interconnects and then make safe the dangling main feeder cables. After removing the earthquake protection stays, I had to lift the batteries off the shelves, gently setting them on the floor and finally sliding them outside to the patio. Despite the chilly 55F morning air, I found myself overly warm and sweating, happy that I still can clean jerk and squat 160 pounds twelve times.

The delivery guys arrived at 10AM to exchange the old ones; they were kind enough to place the new ones back on the shelves, except for the four new ones since the shelving was not ready for them. I had to cut a carpet scrap first to make a pad to protect the bottoms from the wire shelves.

The next couple of hours was all about reconecting all the interconnects and torquing the bolts carefully lest I break a terminal seal. I had to fabricate a new set of main cables for the  new battery bank set and solder on terminal lugs. Soldering a 3/4 inch diameter lug onto #0000 welding wire is quite interesting. It takes a propane torch, a lot of solder,  and much patience.

The results are wonderful! Even though I got bank 5 up at 4:30PM, which meant it did not get fully charged, the voltage levels are excellent. Massive amounts of lighting, a fullly loaded dish washer running at 180F sanitizing setting, a hot water urn, and other heavy usage that would have kicked on the generator at 8PM is proving to be completely handled by the energy stored during the day!

I forgot how much energy a fresh set of batteries can store, and it was quite insidious how over the 6 years the loss of caapcity crept in. We were just getting used to the ever so slightly drop in power. Now we have 31KWH at 50% DOD.  Well, I'm heading off to the hot tub to enjoy the success of this day and to soothe the sore muscles. Tomorrow is day two of Soul Collage.

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