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Preparing for a Santa Cruz weekend

Selene's already there preparing the place for a weekend workshop while I clean up the Kirkland place - vacuuming is completed, litter boxes cleaned out, all dishes sparkling clean, DVD recorder set, and cats given much quality time, as I'm heading tomorrow to Santa Cruz for the big battery replacement. I have to remove eight depleted batteries, each weighing 160 pounds. Then the new ones arrive and I have to hoist eight of them onto the shelving unit and hook them up live. I've done this before and it is not particularly dangerous since I'm working with 48-50VDC. The worst possible problem is shorting out a battery while hooking up the cabling. The wrenches I use are insulated but it is possible to blow it, literally, as in the wrench would instantly vaporize throwing molten metal everywhere. The harder part is making up two new cables with connectors. These are #0000 welding cables and the cross section is about 3/4" in diameter. I have to push on a connector and then solder it using a blow torch. The really hard part is hooking up this new bank to the system. The buss plate connectors need to be reordered and rebalanced so there will be a 15 minute power outage while I do that. I have a 12VDC florescent lighting fixture to brighten up the work space wile the inverters are on standby.

Meanwhile, i need to find a small FTP c-library to use to push the inverter data. I tried using mydns.com to get a dynamic domain to the public IP address of the network hosting my systems, but it just gets to the ISP's boundary router; those clever folks stop all unsolicated inbound traffic, so rather than hacking their system, I'll just FTP push the collected data to my cruzio.com account and have a listener file I can send commands. It's crude but works. If anyone has a better (windows based, sorry)  solution, let me know.

More when I get there.

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