Elimloth (elimloth) wrote,

Outlook 12 (almost sigh!)


The new technical refresh of Outlook 12 is out for us dogfood folks, but I ran into a bit of a delayed problem when I tried to uninstall the last beta of Outlook; it wouldn't, couldn't and I was forced to shut down the machine forcibly. When I powered up the machine I had no email capabilities, IE was very sick, and strange network communication hangs ensued. Well, one system checkpoint/restore later (thankfully that worked well and quickly), and a little twiddling around to coax the uninstall to complete, I managed to get the latest release installed and running. It is *much* better, many performancce bugs have been fixed. The over colorized calendar has been toned down and slimmed. RDP over HTTP works well too. This release is a keeper.

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