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Bumbershoot 2006

The Seattle music scene is going strong; Bumbershoot 2006 now behind us. It was one day shorter than past events with Friday being trimmed off to save funding costs.Nonetheless, the crowds were heavy. This is a camarephone shot of the Bumbrella stage Sunday afternoon.

It was hot and the locals were cooling off at the fountain. Nice to see the wet t-shirts turning nearly clear (ah wonderful memories).

Despite the heat, we were treated to some fire art, an arrangement of metal petals spouting balls of flame controlled by a MIDI drum kit. Nice idea that. I have to admit that after about 10 minutes I got a little bored. Now I am a pyromaniac kind of guy, so I expected to be well entertained by this display. I think the problem was the lack of modulation - it needs little flames, larger balls of flame, and mega big chest thumping explosive brightly colored mega balls of flame. Alas, it was more like a even tempered Bach sonata as compared to a passionate Mozart  piece.

Well, I finally bought a kilt, one of those modern utilikilt ones designed for 21st century living. Now I am free, and no doubt someone will ask the question...

Here you see me foiling the cat from performing his usual teleportation attempt. The bright glow is the side effect of a failed starburst on his part.Cats, of course, know the answer to the question, and thankfully they are most discreet.

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