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A week in the Pacific northwest

Selene Vega wrote to me:

> I'm here at Skyote catching up on email after a day in Palo Alto at the
> Association for Transpersonal Psychology conference ...

I am in Kirkland with the cats whom I have discovered have been trying hard to teach me their language. Apparently they have been collaborating on this effort. They have a very specific call that means they want to play with the 'bird' thing, another carefully chosen and distinctly different word for 'we want you in the kitchen right now', and a third distinctly different word from each of those two for 'now that you are here, feed us'. If that is not amazing enough, they even have a series of words that sort of means 'clean out the litter box, our esteemed master (or perhaps you filthy ape)'.

I miss Selene fiercely and only a day has pased since she departed to Santa Cruz.

The weather was beautiful this week; we enjoyed blue skies and much sun, but now the regular weather has returned bringing rain throughout the weekend and a good chance of flooding by Tuesday.

Best and many hugs all around,

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