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Pedin · Guren

A week in the Pacific northwest

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Selene Vega wrote to me:

> I'm here at Skyote catching up on email after a day in Palo Alto at the
> Association for Transpersonal Psychology conference ...

I am in Kirkland with the cats whom I have discovered have been trying hard to teach me their language. Apparently they have been collaborating on this effort. They have a very specific call that means they want to play with the 'bird' thing, another carefully chosen and distinctly different word for 'we want you in the kitchen right now', and a third distinctly different word from each of those two for 'now that you are here, feed us'. If that is not amazing enough, they even have a series of words that sort of means 'clean out the litter box, our esteemed master (or perhaps you filthy ape)'.

I miss Selene fiercely and only a day has pased since she departed to Santa Cruz.

The weather was beautiful this week; we enjoyed blue skies and much sun, but now the regular weather has returned bringing rain throughout the weekend and a good chance of flooding by Tuesday.

Best and many hugs all around,
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On February 14th, 2004 03:06 pm (UTC), marypcb commented:
Ben has a very definite hello, a very definite 'lap! now!' and an all-pupose 'give me what I want' which unfortunately applies for the litter box, food, locked doors and several other things. Calli has hello and 'excuse me the water bowl is empty'. Pebble just purrs and sticker her claws in and the Jeffster says either 'chatter, chatter, chatter', 'come into the kitchen with me', 'food! now' or 'please! please! don't open the tin and eat it yourself or throw it away or set it on fire or any of your stupid blob tricks!'

big huges dear
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