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This POS Live Journal WEB site needs so much work; it just lost aboout 30 miutes of my work on a journal updatewhen I attempted to insert an LJ cut line. Thankfully, I saved the stuff elsewhere.

I had a nice day riding from Kirkland to I-90 to catch the Blue Angels air show, part of the greater Sea Fair hydroplane madness that settles in on Seattle this time of year. The ride to I-90 was uneventful, though I was really pushing it to make sure I’d arrive before the bridge closure. At one point I realized I was keeping up with the traffic, going about 30 MPH! Somewhere along that route I heard a “twang!” from below; a spoke popped, but it wasn’t bad enough to stop. It starting getting crowded on the bike trail leading to the first span. Thankfully my fitness level is quite high which let me  power up ( stand) on the bike and pass a score of other riders on an uphill grade. I took on the steep Mercer island hills in a similar burst of speed and made it to the second span with plenty of time to spare By then the pedestrians were crowding there so I had to walk the bicycle through them. It took a bit of effort to get several people to realize this *is* a bike trail and that perhaps people actually want to cross the bridge and not wallow/puddle in situ. Thankfully the police took matters in hand and shooed the peds off to the sides. I (and a few other riders) swooped west down the path toward mid span (45 MPH), then up (15 MPH) toward to west end of the bridge. There I tucked the bike  against the guard rail and donned my very thin long sleeved shirt to protect me from the sun; the wait was an hour in a place with no shade. I watch people in tank tops slowly turning lobster red during that wait. Pity.


I was treated to a pre-show event too. Another group flew four Vodochody L-39s in a wonderful show of precision. Their jets are much quieter than the crackling popping FA-18 jetcraft the Blue Angels fly, and they do this amazing feat of going vertical then backsliding on their tail into a complete stall. You can read the detailed specs at:



Here are a couple promo shots of the Blue Angels’ F-15e craft.



The following photos were taken with my camera-phone, which is to say it is a far better phone than it is a camera. But anyway, I am standing in the middle lanes of the I-90 bridge, which was closed to traffic. FAA rules recently required the bridge closed and no one standing at the flyover points. Thankfully the pilots stretch those regs to the edge, so when they make their turns we get to see them fly very low over us briefly. The chest pounding roar of those jets with their cracking exhaust is just amazing. I could count our tax dollars flying out the jet engine too. Ah well, it was a good show.


I am looking west about 1/3 toward mid span. There are people from here (at the do not cross line) stretching all the way back for about ¾  of a mile.


Looking south, the Blue Angels perform a hard 90 degree turn in formation. The arch at the bottom of the frame is the southern bridge of I-90; the I-90 bridge is actually two floating bridges.


Here they have just flown 10 feet above the water then a hard 90 degree turn vertical.


I could not capture the fast flyovers, as the camera is not quick enough to register the image on the viewer. Even trying to do it blind proved impossible. After the show I walked my bike to the west, wading through the massive pressing crowd and rode north to Gas Works park for restful break. This shot is taken from the hill looking south toward Lake Union. This is a fairly typical Seattle day with kite flying behind me, people resting on the hill side, boats riding along with the beautiful Seattle skyline and the space needle as the urban backdrop.



After that I continued northbound stopping briefly to eat the ripe blackberries growing along the Burke-Gilman trail. I headed to the Northgate part of Seattle, heading west off the trail and almost vertically up the steepest roads I have yet to encounter to meet up with Selene at some of her friends’ house. There they were trading off jam recipes, serving handmade corn tortillas, Kale with onions, and a mixture of carrots, zucchinis. I got to drink a cup Kombucha; it is the strangest stuff, thankfully tasty. I am still alive and being detoxed. More at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kombucha



[edit F-15e -> FA-18]
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