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Tasks ahead

Tanais' activities (nice job on his part) remind me to finish up some tasks I intended to do long ago, mainly to have a working water collection system.

The metal roof and gutters have already been plumbed and fitted to a point sink complete with drain pipe that ends at an energy dissipator. Presently the water collected from the roof splashes onto the rocks and heads downward. All I need do is run a length of pipe from there to the two 5000 gallon collection tanks, probably through a coarse filter to keep the leaves and other detritus out. The harder part is preparing a slab for the pressure tank and recirculation pump and UV cleansing system. I have conduit runniing from the house to the  dissipators, but I will have to run conduit all the wy tothe tanks too.

10,000 gallons should take care of fire suppresion and irrigiation needs, and in a pinch serve as potable water (after more filtration).

Then it is time to install the solar hot water heater. Propane prices are climbing steadily and the propane water heater is unecessary in Santa Cruz given the plentiful sunlight. I also want it to heat the hot tub too then maybe we can have it hot in the winter.

Things to do...


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