Elimloth (elimloth) wrote,

Wow, it was very hot today with tempertures reaching up to 90F. The office building air handlers could not keep up with the heat load, so the temps started to climb. By 5:30PM, it was getting hot enough inside to raise perspiration, and since we were advised to turn off computers, most of us went home. After all, there's only so much paper one can read when pretty much the entirety of worklife is online.

It was a slower than usual ride home, as I was heat loaded, which could lead to heat exhaustion if I pushed it. No breezes, either, and I could feel the radiated heat from all the slow moving cars on 520.

I got home which was nice and cool inside, The heat pump was keeping up, especially since in the morning I left the south facing shades down to keep the the sun out. I let the cats out, but they did not desire any part of that heat. Within a few minutes they asked to be let inside. When I opened the door, both ran for the kitchen and spread themselves like melted butter onto the cool kitchen floor.

We have a stagnant air alert (used to be called smog) that goes through Tuesday. I shall take it easy.


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