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Flying Wheels Done

Sunday was my rest day after having participated in the Flying Wheels Summer Century ride, which in my case was a 100 mile ride through the hilly terrain leading us to the Snoqualmie Valley. I started the infinity loop at Marymoor park in Redmond, then down the east side of Lake Sammamish with a left turn east and a very steep ride up Inglewood road. Riding through Carnation, Snohomish, Duvall (with a steep uphill detour to avoid a fuel truck spill), Monroe, then down almost to Fall City burned up most of the day and 80 miles. By this time all the riders (including myself) were tired, but we had to do the last part which was the steep 3 mile climb up and over the Issaquah Plateau thence down to Lake Sammamish. Last time I had to walk the steepest section, and this time I was dreading having to do that again. I kept my pace preparing for the stall to happen, that point where muscles just stop working. To my surprise I found myself at the final food stop, having bested that obstacle unnoticed! The rest of the 20 mile gentle uphill return was nothing but fun; it ended back at the park with water and a cup of beer to sooth sore musles.

I am quite suntanned despite protection, not surprised since it was a 7 1/2 hour ride. Six stops totalling 40 minutes made my moving average 15MPH, which is OK considering the hills. STP is next.

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