Elimloth (elimloth) wrote,

Sniffly Saturday

Oh garg! I woke up at 4AM unable to breathe, literally; my windpipe was nearly swollen shut, and I had to forcibly open up the spasmed muscles in my throat. Damn, that was difficult, and nearly a 911 event. This crud hadn't quite gone away and the post nasal drip filled up the back of my throat enough to irritate the inner lining. Well, with Selene's ministrations, some Clariton, and water, it all settled down.

No riding this Saturday albeit a beautiful day. We both spent the morning resting and reading. Beren, our male cat, does not like to be off the center of attention. Here he has planted himself directly atop the print Selene was trying to read. Notice he avoided the ads, just plopped on the exact center of Selene's reading field.
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