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Ads are here and LJ has corrupted itself

It is one thing to get into the advertisement fray to fund a system that should have been profitable but clearly is not. It is quite another to foist ads on people and leave them with no choice to opt out. The new terms of service say this:

You understand and agree that some or all of the Service may include advertisements and that these advertisements are necessary for LiveJournal to provide the Service. You also understand and agree that you will not obscure any advertisements from general view via HTML/CSS or any other means. By using the Service, you agree that LiveJournal has the right to run such advertisements with or without prior notice, and without recompense to you or any other user. 

Now 'any other means' is an interesting thing. I do not allow many active X components such as Flash to run on my computer. If an ad uses Flash, am I violating the TOS? I block all tracker sites such as doubleclick.com. If an ad uses this service, am I violating the TOS? My company requires I maintain their list of blocked sites (for security reasons). If an ad requires a link to such a site, have I violated the TOS?

If I view someone's journal that has ads, what then? Have I violated the TOS?

This sucks.


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