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I'm sore, that deep soreness that bespeaks of massive minute muscle mass building tears. I did a 50 mile ride around Lake Washington Sunday, with a brief stop to my office in Redmond to reboot a wedged prototype machine, traveling counterclockwise this time. A counterclockwise ride is worse because the larger hills happen at the end of the ride when energy stores are low. At least Sunday was nice enough for a ride, though the temperature changed from high 40s to low 50s every five minutes as the massive clouds repeatedly covered up the sun.

Today I found my ride to work today was a telling inventory of where I worked myself the hardest. Going up a hill, I'd find the ham strings saying "hello", then on the declines, my calves would speak up, though not too loudly.

I had an interesting encounter with a rather large military helicopter flying just above treetop level near the bike trail exit where I usually cross a bridge that spans the freeway. I've not been scrutinized with heavy ordinance in a long time. It brings back memories of crossing an active NATO full simulation at Ft. Hunter Liggett (but that's another story). There were police vehicles blocking both ends of the bridge at the exit, and I realized it probably was President Hu's visit to the area. After a bit of walkie talkie chatter, the nice police let me ride across.

in the medical front, the colonoscopy found and the doctor removed two polyps: benign adenomas. So now I have to do this all over again in three years instead of ten. The full abdominal cavity ultrasound came in negative. Whew!

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