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The sky looked much too threatening to go bicycling today; dark low slung water laden clouds skulked northward this morning, and a quick check of the radar imagery of the area confirmed this was not to be a dry day. Still, there was no rain presently, so I took the cats out for their supervised long walk-about the area. They usually appreciate my company, and it seemed more-so today. The other day Beren returned all fluffed out from a bad encounter, probably he caught sight of the coyotes. We were out almost an hour when the weather started to turn quite nasty. We made it inside before the major downpour began, and now I am watching tree branches being snapped off then launched skyward.

It looks like most of the west coast is getting this heavy weather. kightp reports Corvallis is looking bad. My housemate in Santa Cruz wrote to me that the storms are getting ferocious anew. I tried calling songteller (Buffalo) in Oakland but the rains are so bad there that his phone line is swamped in line static. 

Buffalo wrote something interesting in his journal: "Is this a valuable tool or a seductive invitation to a bunch of pseudo-relationships? Or, just a waste of time?" I think back to the many friends who I met virtually, and the goodly percentage of them who I eventually met in realspace, and I have to say, yes, it was and remains a wonderful way to stay in contact with my friends, and to meet new folks too. Yes, there is always the problem of fraud, but I find it a managable risk.

Oh, while gliding through the Crystal Wind a few moments ago, I came across Callahan's Card Deck, and in there I found some old images of our younger selves.


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