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I had to smile at Bill's (wcg's) entry on the fart powered missile patent. Then again, the most interesting drugs that are now used for short term anesthetics, left me a bit woozy, and slightly and briefly hallucenogenic. Versed and Propofol seem to be the fast acting conscious sedation of choice for colonoscopy procedures. I'll just briefly mention the day before the procedure , where I had to drink a gallon of salted water, NuLytely, to blast clean my entire intestinal track. I got the orange flavored stuff, and now I wonder if I'll ever have an orange without experiencing the association of last night. Anyway, between drinking that vile stuff, going to the bathroom often to void myself of the liquid and other collateral, and watching farscape, I prepared myself for the procedure. The doctor did not fool around: With an injection port established, the doctor said "I am injecting you with a sedative medicine. It acts very fast. You might fee......(no carrier)..." the next I recall was looking at a pretty light show on the monitor which my addled mind finally resolved as a fantastic voyage through what appeared to be the corridors of Moya, the Leviathan of Farscape. I think I sad that, probably much to the amusement of the operating staff. And then I woke up in the recovery room. Felt fine albeit woozy.

Interior shot of Moya

Interior shot of my Cecum


The problem is, I am not sure what I said. In fact, I can'r recall much of anything at the moment, as the drug interferes with long term memory update for some time after its primary effect. I was about to write my aftercare and drive home, but those memories have been edited away. Oh well, Selene tells me it all went fine. The nipped out two polyps and everything else was OK.

I woke up on the couch, the cats were lying on either side of me in classic defense posture, each looking the other direction. Darn, the weather is beautiful - no bicycling today.

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