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Rainy day in Seattle

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It's another rainy day in the Seattle area, which by itself is nothing unusual, except when it is mixed with heavy fog. That unusual combination leads to spectacular accidents. I have been hearing sirens all morning, mostly coming from the freeway. So, it's no bike ride for me - off to the gym later on.

The cats were out this morning but they bounded back when the rains commenced. I was not surprised to see Fariell appear first since she has no tolerance for wet. Beren, however, came back much later, and soaking wet. I've never had a cat who likes water as much as this guy, and he surprises me by asking to be let out in the rain. 

Santa Cruz:
My 20th Anniversary Mac is in need of repairs again. The speakers start to hum and sizzle about an hour after it is turned on. I've fixed it before, and there are two weak points in the design. The first is the massive connector between the base unit and the subwoofer. The solder joints to the 60 pin circular connector break loose so they need to be resoldered. The other place is inside the subwoofer assembly; there is a friction fit connector for the audio signals in which the plating is corroding. The terminals ought to have been gold plated but it looks like Apple used tin. Time to wick on a coating of solder there too. Otherwise, the thing runs OK on OS 9.0. I wish I could upgrade it at least to 9.2.2 since there were significant fixes to the resource manager, but the project management decide to abandon support of the older machines somewhere around 9.1. It was part of the "make them buy new computers and switch to OS X" internal campaign. However, this machine is a collector's item and a great little stereo, so I'll keep it. 

I received an email from housemate who said it was getting chilly in the Santa Cruz home. With temps in the lower to mid 40s and heavy cloud cover, the house temp was down to 62 in the studio and 66 elsewhere. I changed the thermostats last week when I was down there to account for daylight savings time, but the temperature profiles were unchanged. Maybe I set it incorrectly, I thought, so I called to assist her diagnosing the problem. The' stats were set properly. One read: current-62 target-68, so I had her go into the mechanicals room to check things out. The boiler was not on, and further investigation showed the switched plug for the electronic ignition and monitors was turned off. Since the plug is at eye level (code requires that), the switch (which code also requires) must have been hit when a mop or broom handle was tossed at it. She wasn't careful or mindful. It's on again.

This incident reminds me to finish my house monitoring software. I am repurposing an older Dell laptop to run some custom code to read the inverter data ports, and also read a few other critical indicators to send me periodic status of the infrastructure. The last incident in which rains shorted out the sprinkler control box, which turned on every sprinkler head on the grounds, cost me 28,000 gallons of water because it wasn't noticed for two days.

Back to Seattle:
We are having a serious downpour and it looks like it will be this way until Tuesday.

My temperment:
discontent discontent
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On April 8th, 2006 09:27 pm (UTC), elimloth replied:
The styling is nice even by today's standards. The hardware was pretty good for Macs, though PCs of the time eclipsed it in performance. It was hamstrung by a ROM bug (a typo mistake) that forced all I/O to be synchronous, yet despite that limitation, it ran fairly well. This one has a 250 MHz 603ev and 128MB of RAM. It comes with built-in FM radio and TV tuner. I added 802.11. The Bose speaker system is very good. It is not a quiet system, mainly because the cooling fans are not variable speed.
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On April 8th, 2006 11:26 pm (UTC), rowanf commented:
The house monitoring sounds amazing. It was cool to see your set-up again when I was up with Rayna last week. Very cool.
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On April 9th, 2006 06:06 am (UTC), grey_lady commented:
My cats both complain bitterly to me if it's raining when they want to go out (after all, it is clearly *my* fault) but my father-in-law has one who is happy to go out into the rain, and when she returns, she likes to be towelled dry "against the grain", so to speak.

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On April 9th, 2006 08:02 am (UTC), spiritmoving replied:
Against the grain? Amazing! We've had many cats who liked to be toweled off (though not these two), but they always wanted it to be with the grain.
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On April 9th, 2006 10:16 am (UTC), perlmonger replied:
We reckon that Mustrum goes out specifically to get wet, so he can come back in and demand to be towelled.

Never mind "against the grain", he likes being thoroughly and enthusiastically rubbed in all directions; if we stop before he's satisfied, he'll look up and emit a plaintive squeak entirely inappropriate to his (full grown male Bengal) size.
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