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It is so sad to experience the decline of Alaska Airlines, a company that used to be number one in service and number one with on-time flights. Now they are last in just about every category except, perhaps, for timely delivery of the Alaskan Salmon catches. Today's Seattle to San Jose flight was simply bizarre. First, the agents had to delay boarding because the flight crew was late. No, they weren't late because of late arrival changeover; they were home based in Seattle and they were simply late. We managed to do the express boarding rush to make up for the lost time, and the plane hatch closed on time. And then we all sat there wondering why we weren't moving. We were told the 3rd party contracted hosting company was late delivering the beverages (you know, beer, wine, sodas, peanuts). Yes, the flight was held up for fifteen minutes because of missing peanuts. All the passengers settled down after the boxy truck delivered its cargo. I am certain we all were relieved  as we watched the truck driver carefully pulling away to avoid banging into the jet plane, thus avoiding another sudden cabin pressure loss skin puncture incident. But no, we did not move, because almost 20 minutes past our scheduled departure time, the caption told us we had to wait for a wing deicing because we sat too long in the moist and cold Seattle air. At this point I was getting mighty testy, thinking about half strangling the flight engineer for being stupid enough to work for such a loser company. All around me people were getting agitated, some yawning, others breathing deeply. A little voice in my head kept yelling "see oh too, see oh too". It was getting stuffy rapidly. I managed to keep my murderous thoughts to myself, and the captain *finally* turned on the little turbine power generator. Fresh cool air quickly replaced the foul oxygen depleted stuff we were breathing minutes ago. I just couldn't believe that Alaska Airlines would jeopardize people's health to save the couple of gallons it takes to run the genset turbine.

Thankfully the flight went smoothly. Despite their attempts to make up time by flying faster (hence burning more fuel), the plane arrived a half an hour late. I pity those people who had connections, but wait, their connections were most likely late too :-P

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