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Heading Otherhome

Selene and I are preparing this place for the cat sitter, as we will heading south to Santa Cruz to stay in our otherhome for a week. We were expecting to host her parents but Ron needed to undergo some neck surgery to remove two cysts, one beneath the other, that were starting to press on his vagus nerve. Ron is fine but he and Jan will not be joining us down there. Ah well, bad news though taht was, the good news is it opens up our venue to visit the many friends we have in the Bay area. Mary and Simon will stay a couple of nights with us, and I'll get to hang out with them as well as Rowan and Russell (yay!). 

The cats know something is up. They understand the purpose of suitcases, which signifies we are going on an extended hunt. It also means the nice lady-who-feeds-them will be visiting too.

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