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Yet again it is cold this Saturday evening, though the day turned out quite beautiful, a balmy 46F greeted us at the Irish weekend festival at the Seattle Center. New plantings looked a bit peaked surrounded by imported California redwood mulch. They will grow to be beautiful but it was strange to walk down the grey path to come across the odor of a redwood forest with nary a tree in sight. 

The main fountain was in top shape; Selene and I sat down on one the many benches that encircle it to listen to "Ode to Joy (Symphony #9)", watching the massive pumps and quick acting valves throw water in sync with the music. the finale was great, the fountain threw four massive amounts of water over 100 feet high to have that mass of water plop onto the sphere at the final note. There's a fountain arranger who must have been pleased setting up that precise timing.


The Irish festival was so, so. The musicians could have used a few more pints of Guinness. I found a nice t-shirt, sag green with a beautiful tree of life imprint made to look like embroidery. Well, it got me out of the house, and I felt much better today than yesterday. Turns out my belated annual physical exam was Thursday and as part of the exam, the Doctor's assistant jabbed me with a combo of Hep-A and Tetanus booster shots. My immune system went into full alert Friday and made short shrift of the para-germs. That massive response left me feverish and very sore. 

Today I feel much better - no joint or muscle soreness. I hope to ride around the lake Sunday.

Selene and I spent the early evening for the Mid Lenten Feast at Camlann, a wonderful medieval village recreation. Our 14th century garb hadn't arrived, so we had to make do with the clothing we had; actually, it turned out well, as Selene and I have daily outfits that can easily pass for 14th century wear. 

We also recently bought a new sewing machine, a Janome 6600, a couple of weeks ago. Apparently, the melding of computer technology and sewing hardware has transformed those old Singer machines, a marvel of an earlier age, into some amazing magical artifices. She and I will be taking sewing lessons (a refresher for Selene, and a totally new experience for me) with our goal to make clothing for ourselves. The machine we bought can quilt, so this should be a lot of fun.


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