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Round the Lake I Go

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Yesterday was my first bicycle ride around Lake Washington for this year, and I am glad I built up to this endurance ride in the gym and in my daily 10 mile round trip rides to/from the office, else I would have been totally wiped out instead of just exhausted. The weather has been improving this late winter (albeit rains are predicted for the next two days - it is Seattle after all), so I have been able to start a little early in my training. I am considering the one-day Seattle to Portland ride this year, but I have to adhere to a rigorous training to be prepare for that arduous adventure.

I met a lot of new riders and runners on the trails and roads, either folks new to the area or people renewing their yearly health resolutions. A number of them were lost so I had them follow me to get them back on trail; it is easy to miss or lose sight of the access trails that wind through the area. They are much like the Borderlands access points in Charles De Lint's novels - you have to find them by looking askance. The funniest one was a couple of young track runners I met as I arrived at the Fremont canal bridge just as the crossing gates dropped. The soft gong was going and these two guys were  halfway across the bridge approaching slowly. They were confused. Several people waved at them urgently to get them to get off the bridge, as the operator was waiting for them before he could raise it. When the two guys wearing "BYU" T-shirts got off the bridge, one of them asked, "What's the matter?" I said, "The bridge is going up." "Really? does it lift straight up?" I smiled, "No, the two ends pivot upward." "Oh! I've never seen a draw bridge before. Why does it do that?" As he said that, the bridge pivoted its two halves completely vertical. It must have been quite a sight because the BYU track runners were in open mouth awe. I pointed down to the canal and said "It opens to let large boats like that one pass under." They hadn't looked down until then which brought on another look of astonishment when one of the large tourist ferries glided through. Ah, flatlanders!

I'm taking it easy Sunday to recuperate. Today is mostly blue skies salamander shaped clouds, and a crisp view of the Mt. Rainer in her snow mantled glory, the distant Olympic Mountains, and the nearer Cascades glinting in the sunlight.

Oh, I'm a time lord...

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