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Cycling again

I managed to bicycle well into December until the temperatures dipped below 37F (my bottom limit), and the rains happened in earnest. January was far too wet and cold to try cycling, except for yesterday when the temps lifted over 40F and the rains diminished to a gentle patter. I cycled today too, avoiding the mid afternoon downpour. I am sore, a good kind of sore that bespeaks of underused muscles but with reasonable cardio reserve. All the gym work, though not sufficient to keep me at top fitness, helped reduce the downward fitness slide.

Earlier this morning I took the cats out for their walk. The have been going stir crazy wanting to get out of the house. he moment I opened the door, Beren (the bold) bolted outside. Fariell (the huntress) ran out with me, rounded a corner and began stalking in her favorite spot looking for a mole or mouse. I gave them 15 minutes out time which seemed to settle them sufficiently. They are now happily dozing off instead of bouncing off the walls.

I hear the rain developing right now, a loud pattering on the skylights. Tomorrow? Dry, I hope.

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