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Interesting, I scored 30% dominant and 12% submissive. I guess that leaves 58% equanimity.


I am finishing up the generator installation, having to duct the hot air directly outside of the shed to avoid overheating the genset. Last night as I was adjusting the temp sensors on the exhaust fans, I lost my mindfulness of the exhaust stack and leaned my back onto it. A blood curdling scream later, I find my upper back is branded with the corrugated steel exhaust pipe pattern. It is quite fetching, perhaps the beginning of a tattoo.


This is my circle's celebration of Samhain; I hope the rains abate, else the walk down the steep slope to the place of the ancestors will be a slippery one as well as a difficult climb back out.


More maintenance is in store. I noticed the hot tub is off-level by a few degrees. It seems the concrete slab it rests upon is slowly tilting. The guy I hired years ago to pour the slab probably neglected to sink posts to stabilize the slope. Well, I'll just leave it be until it hits 10 degrees, as a retrofit post and re-leveling will be quite the ordeal.


The house itself is doing well, inside temps in the low 70s F, while outside temps are in the low 50s. This is with no fossil fuel heating, just the sun.


I'll be here until Tuesday morning, then it is back to Kirkland to rejoin the collective.


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